Fri, Nov 9: Gov Scott: Voter Fraud? Killer Lived with Mama! Callers! Published: 1 month ago By: Jesse Lee Peterson

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Fri, Nov 9 Hour 1: Rick Scott: Rampant voter fraud? Blacks at war vs whites; Good over evil?
| 1) Gov. Rick Scott suggests rampant voter fraud, files lawsuit. Blacks and Democrats trying to win.

| 2) Bible Go-to Guy: Blacks are at war against whites and have no rules. Jesse mentions Joe Biden. Michael of Peoria, IL, talks about a black caller from a previous day complaining about “white supremacist” areas.

Matheus of FL talks about blacks being used by Democrats

| 3) IndieGoGo campaign starting Monday — go to RJ of NC talks about The Great White Hope, Kennedy, Lincoln, etc. Will the good be able to win?

| 4-5) Lesbian song by Trevor Wesley. James put West Palm Beach, CA for Wiggins who has a bad phone. John from South Korea (he’s black!) talks about the Bible and revelation from God.

Fri, Nov 9 Hour 2: Caller: We have free will; Mass killer lived with mama; Christ our brother
| 1) A 69-y-o man wants to change his age to 49 in the Netherlands. And he’s a life coach!

John of South Korea from last hour — he talks about evil and good, and free will. Jesse says we’re slaves of Christ. John thinks we have free will.

| 2) John answers Biblical Q: How does a male become a man, and a female become a woman? Jesse and a white caller talk about a black heart. James talks about the suspected Thousand Oaks bar killer Ian David Long, 28-y-o white male former Marine living with mama!

| 3) IndieGoGo campaign, etc. starting Monday. Suspected killer Ian Long reportedly got into a violent screaming fight at his mother’s house, throwing furniture and shooting a bullet through a wall as recently as April, with police called to the house multiple times. Reminds James of Adam Lanza, the mass shooter. Turn children (including adults) back to the fathers.

| 4) Archie of Seattle, WA, disagrees that Jesus is our Brother, even though the Bible says He is.

| 5) Church Sunday 11am Wiggins, hold on! Jesus said it’s not me, but the Father in me, and greater works shall you do! Dave of Los Angeles says some funny stuff.

Fri, Nov 9 Hour 3: Killing hogs & hens; Affirmative Action vs Jim Crow; Colin Kaepernick BOY
| 1) Jesse talks about killing hogs and chickens with Joel. Back to Wiggins of West Palm Beach, FL, whom Jesse forgot! His phone’s bad again! He talks about Democrats and Republicans, good and evil, and uniting the races.

| 2) Wiggins thinks there are more whites total who are children of the lie. For example, Antifa is mostly “white.” He disagrees we should assume blacks got into college with Affirmative Action, but should we assume all whites were racist during bad Jim Crow laws? James talks too.

| 3) IndieGoGo campaign launch. James reads a retweet from Jesse @JLPtalk about ballots being mishandled allegedly.

Danny of NC thinks he can walk through Southside, Chicago, but Jesse can’t, and dismisses the crime as happening against those who were looking for trouble.

| 4) Danny calls Joel a “clown” for playing Colin Kaepernick for disrespecting himself or his people or something. But Kaepernick is the one disrespecting the flag. “Get off your knees, boy!” Danny wants to debate Jesse.

Tony of NY talks to Jesse talks about The Great White Hope, saying the white boxer got knocked out by a black man. Jesse says that Trump is giving new meaning and living up to the hope.

| 5) Sam of Georgia loved last night’s The Fallen State TV with the Black Student Union member who was 20 and a little immature. Jesse kept asking the same question. He asks if he should be a member of a church. You must be getting help yourself, and you should support it to help others.

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