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The film starts with an underworld don named Jai "Jimmy" (Sunil Shetty), who is spreading terror in a bar until a young man comes out and fights Jimmy. The two continue to fight until they hug each other and the man is Jimmy's childhood friend, Sameer Deshmukh (Gautam Rode), who returns to the city after a long time after completing his education from the Navy. At that time, they run into two police officers, whom Sameer shot them down before escaping.

Jimmy shows his allegiance to his elder brother, Raghav (Ashutosh Rana), who leads one of the dangerous crime gangs in Munbai and is more powerful than Jimmy. Sameer and Jimmy go to their old town, where they meet Jimmy's younger sister, Preeti (Preeti Jhangiani), who is also Sameer's childhood friend. Jimmy introduces Sameer and friend Bandya (Vinod Kambli) to Raghav, who accepts them into his gang. Sameer and Bandya are against Raghav's work, so Jimmy shouts at both of them and tells them not to do so.

Sameer and Preeti fall in love with each other and they want to marry each other. Suddenly, Bandya is killed at Raghav's orders. Jimmy is heartbroken by Bandya's murder and is convinced that the boss of a rival mob gang named Afzal is responsible for it. During the conflict over Bandaya's murder with Raghav, he reveals that two police officers are thought to be killed by Sameer to Preeti, who then gets angry with Sameer. Sameer tells her that he is not in Raghav's gang and the police officers' deaths were actually staged, meaning that they're still alive, because Sameer himself is an undercover police officer intending to infiltrate into Raghav's gang and put an end to their plans. Preeti, despite having believing that, remains angry with him.

Every day, Sameer follows Preeti until she warns him that she will tell Raghav about his identity if he continues doing it. Iqbal Danger (Sanjay Dutt) asks Sameer about his mood and Sameer tells Iqbal that Preeti is angry with him and will not talk to him. Iqbal tells Sameer that he will ask Preeti to embrace because she respects him. Iqbal asks Preeti but she refuses, so Iqbal invites her to his show.

On his show, Iqbal sings a song, causing Preeti and Sameer to be together. Jimmy goes to a bar to drink whisky where some people start making fun of Bandya. Jimmy kills their boss, Usman Bhai, who is the brother-in-law of Afzal, a powerful don like Raghav. Dayal Bhai (Tinnu Anand), who is the most powerful don above Afzal and Raghav, has them forget their rivalry and become friends.

Jimmy tries to shoot Dayal and Afzal, but Raghav stops him from doing so. Later that night, Raghav calls Jimmy by his real name Jai, which makes Jimmy happy. Sameer tries to tell Jimmy that Raghav is the killer of Bandya, but Jimmy does not believe it. Preeti invites both of them to a dinner, later that night. However, Jimmy has to go to Afghan Church, so he tells Preeti that he will come back after doing the work.

Jimmy and Sameer go to Afghan Church, where Sameer is in the church secretly informing the police department of Raghav's plans (as he calls to one of the police officers that staged their fake deaths to allow Sameer to infiltrate into Raghav's gang), while Jimmy is outside the church and meets Raghav, who betrays Jimmy by killing him. On Jimmy's cremating, Sameer convinces Iqbal to tell Raghav about his true identity as a police officer, so Raghav sends his men to find out Sameer and kill him. They go to Preeti's house, where Preeti refuses to tell them about Sameer and they beat up her in retaliation.

When Sameer comes back, Preeti tells him that she got beaten up by Raghav's men. Sameer informs her that Raghav has killed Jimmy and she starts to get angry at him that he has hidden another secret from her until Sameer tells her that he is going to finish Raghav. She encourages him to do so. The next day, Sameer and Iqbal go together and they fight Raghav and Dayal. A huge battle with gunfire and explosions erupts, and finally the losing Raghav and Dayal try to escape in a car but Iqbal and Sameer catch up,and the film ends with Sameer and Iqbal killing Raghav and Dayal.

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