Deep 6 - Zombie Horror Short Film *VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED* Published: 2 years ago By: 18 Lives Productions

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A young girl is ripped out of bed with moments to spare before the infected take over Los Angeles.

Directed by: Scott McNamara & Kevin McNamara
Executive Produced by: CJ Brion
Produced by: Scott McNamara, Kevin McNamara, Kyla E. Druckman, Damien Hedgecoth
Cinematography by: Scott & Kevin McNamara
Post Production by: 18 Lives
Camera Operator: CJ Brion
First Assistant Camera: Jonathan Dec
Gaffer: Kelly Daniel
Key Grip: Sean Sawyer
Prop Master: Blake Kniesley
Makeup: Brian Barnett
Sound Recordist: Jacob Drew Varley
Dialogue Mixer: Zack Gray
Special Thanks: Lorenzo Harkins, Bryan Brewer, Kevin Marrone

An Production


Jessica Brydon

Kyla E. Druckman

Joe Guilfoyle

Ric Linville

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