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will witch video about If any minister is doing wrong, then he is an Exposer, Prime Minister

Prime Minister Imran Khan has supported the media to monitor the government performance and said that if any of my ministers is doing wrong, they should be exposed, but I am complain to the Chief Justice because he said that Iqbal Getting over.
While giving special interview to Senior Journalists, Imran Khan said that in the democracy you have to be transparent that the media will see your fault, I want our government to be so impressed that there is no other government.
The prime minister says that if the government keeps the government accountable, any of my ministers, anybody does something wrong, then I want them to be exposed.
He said that 100 achievements could not be achieved in 100 days, but we have given direction and we want to make policy that is for the lower and poor class, then our entire system is to benefit a small class.
The Prime Minister said that there is a lot of work to improve the education sector, giving health cards to the poorest class nationwide, making legal reforms to facilitate justice for poor people.
On the question of senior journalist Hamid Mir, Imran Khan relied on his statement about poultry and eggs and the dollar's rising price, "The decision that I decided to reduce the value of money was not good." The delay could also be done, but since the central bank is free in its decisions, the government has decided on its own without the interference of the government.
Regarding the PIA and Steel Mills, he said, "We have to run them under the hold with holdings that have come up with problems due to the loss of $ 18 billion."
Regarding Prime Minister, he said that no action is taken against us because I am the penis of the Interior Ministry, the action was taken on Bunny Gala.

Expressing explicitly to the JIT report, you should be unaware that whatever Supreme Court will say, it will be implemented and if Prime Minister Swat is in error, he will resign himself.
DPO was questioned about Pakpotan and asked that Chief Minister Punjab in the Supreme Court recognized the mistake, but he did not respond to you, he said that this matter is in Supreme Court and Chief of Usman Bucharar province The executive has complained to a citizen and complained.
He said that as a chief executive, no police officer can not call where he is in the world.
Imran Khan said that I have a complaint with the Chief Justice that he said that the situation is going on, although I did not put any of my relatives in the KP and did not intervene.
He said that institutions should be made and the boards should be run freely.
Regarding allegedly narrowing business figures by the journalists, Pirizada questioned that he said that there has become a culture in Pakistan. In 22 families, wealth has gone and I have heard that investor Bad is called.
Imran Khan said that unless the businessmen do not cooperate to make profits, they can not succeed and similar investment will also come.
He said that I did not invented anti corruption system but punished 400 ministers in China in the past 5 years, there is no personal fight with anyone, but it is necessary for the future of the country.
The Prime Minister said that the old people who have made money from the system, they are impressed that this government will be hurried, if 50 people of the NTP were in operation, they were putting hands on small people, the scope of Malaysia It is very broad but here is seven percent.
He said that we are also fixing the FIA ​​and we are taking action against the massacres and ordered to put hands on big crocodiles.
He said that the level of corruption was done
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