Turkey के बाद अब Pakistan और China ने भी Dollar से Business किया बंद America की मुसीबत बढ़ी... Published: 1 month ago By: Top Viral News

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चीन तथा पाकिस्तान ने डाॅलर को अलग रखते हुए राष्ट्रीय मुद्राओं में व्यापार करने पर समझौता किया है, अमेरिका की मुसीबत बढ़ी...

After Turkey, Pakistan and China also did Business with the Dollar, the trouble of America increased ...

China and Pakistan have put an agreement on doing business in national currencies while keeping Dalar aside.

According to a report from Islamabad, the officials of Pakistan and China have decided that they will use national currencies in place of dalar instead of national currency. According to the agreement between $China and #Pakistan, the two parties have agreed to take bilateral trade from 10 billion Yuan to 20 billion yuan. It has also been decided in this agreement that both the countries will open several branches of each other's banks in each country.

Financial experts believe that by removing the dollar from China and Pakistan in mutual trade, trading in local currencies will reduce the #Economic domination of the United States in the region. Be aware that many countries of the world have already decided to expel US Dollar in trade transactions before China and Pakistan.

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