Leaving Cert German Das Leben der Anderen English Subtitles (The Life of Others ) Published: 1 year ago By: Herr Daly

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Disclaimer: I claim Fair Use for nonprofit educational purposes only. I do not claim to own or the right to distribute this intellectual property. The purpose of this upload is for Leaving Cert/A-Level students to practice their language skills/increase their cultural awareness of East Berlin/DRR/Stasi (2006 Academy aware winner)

I am a professional educator in the post-primary (secondary) public sector in Ireland. I teach both German and Spanish to pupils, which are between the ages of 12-19. I am also an accredited translator of German and Spanish. I work also as a technical writer for the software industry that deals with global English & localisation. These audiovisual language training videos serve two audiences, and have several usage outlets.

1. General audience, who may wish to learn or strengthen their knowledge of German or Spanish. An email address is listed for any specific queries or language direction: [email protected]

2. Pupils or students that wish to strengthen their knowledge of German or Spanish, so that they can increase their communication ability, e.g. pupils or students, in which I may teach or have contact. These videos can be used also, in correlation with coursework. The same, above-stated, email address may be used for queries.

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