BAD is BAD - Full Movie (2010) Published: 6 years ago By: Standard Story Company

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A locally loved suburban family man has to pay for the worst thing he's ever done when two mysterious young criminals break into his home.

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HD/96 minutes/Rated R

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Bad is Bad is Standard Story Company's first feature length movie. It was written when we were 19 and shot when we were 20. Our total budget was about $6,000. We filmed it in 18.5 days in Richmond, Virginia in the summer of 2010 using the Canon 7d (which made up a quarter of our budget alone). This was one of the first feature films shot entirely on a DSLR, and one of the first to be distributed free on YouTube and Vimeo.

The movie is free because we don't want money, just exposure. The bigger this movie becomes online, the easier it will be for us to keep making movies, so please spread the word about Bad is Bad! If you're a real big fan, you can also rate the movie on it's IMDB page.

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Written by Chris Fornataro & Kent Lamm
Directed/Edited by Kent Lamm
Contact us at [email protected]

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