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Movie : Preet Na Karsho Pardeshi Ne
Directed : Hitu Patel
Starring : Hiten Kumar, Chandan Rathod, Rina Soni, Jayshree Parikh & Others
Producer : Madhu Entertainment & Media Pvt. Ltd.

A, Fraud cheater with his follower, steals Rs 10, 000, 00. The last hope of their savings of the old age couple. After stealing the money they get separated. Shyam steals money and hides himself in the village known as Dharampur. Shyam hides near the tree having well and police his after him. Money falls in the well. The next day Shyam get into the well. The village mukhia sees him and thinks that he he is attempting for suicide, in the well, the villagers rescue his life and people gives advice not to attempt suicide. Shyam pretends himself stays himself in village .mukhias daughter jankhi , looks after shyam and care for her , shyam falls in love with jankhi and turns himself into honest person. Next character RAM, enters Dharmpur as a teacher, after teaching to people he keeps eye on shyam also, Jankhi loves ram. Shyam makes rupa, poojaris daughter her sister. Shyam comes to know that ram is inspector and he puts ram name in stealing money and he is out of village. Jankhi loves ram and gets upset. Rupa comes to know that jankhi loves ram rupa gives promise of herself to shyam. shyam admits himself as victim. Village people comes to know of 10,000.00 has been fell in well villan jetavoh and dayaho, hear about money in the well they all get crazy for money and full village is after money an d at last Shyam hand himself to Ram.

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