Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar - Full Episode - 17th November 2017 | PAK News Published: 4 weeks ago By: Pak News

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An ensemble of talented entertainers combined to provide a satirical view of current affairs while nitpicking on the quirks of different TV personalities. Dil pe Mat le Yaar is an hour full of light comedy and political satire which aims to provide the audience with a humorous insight of current affairs. Despite the show's focus towards light comedy, Dil pe Mat le Yaar is not all humor and doesn't fail to provide the viewers with insightful and meaningful messages.
The Star cast of the show includes popular names such as Veena Malik, Murtaza Chaudhry, Mirza Bilal Baig, Syed Basit Ali, Fahim Khan, Asif Jamil, Waheed Khan and Azhar Ali Watch Dil pe Mat le Yaar on Pak News every Monday to Sunday at 11:00 PM.

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