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This is a dramatic chain of events in the most glamorous ,swinging era of Hindi films... the 1960s. It was a decade when film stars tasted success and carried their larger than life screen image on to real life with unbridled pomp and splendour. It was during this time that two ambitious films were made...two actresses, Zara Fernandes and Chandni Roy, are both set to make their film debut on the same date. Chandni's film becomes a box office success, whereas Zara's film is a flop. This angers Zara who believes she is higher and better than every other new actress. Zara starts an argument with Chandni after an awards party, and the two end up fighting. Later that night, Zara is murdered. The blame obviously goes towards Chandni, and she has no way to prove her innocence.

Chandni's lover, Ravi Kumar, decides to step in and find the real murderer to save his love. Ravi happens to be an ex-cop, who was sacked from his job as a police officer after shooting a parliamentarian apparently. Ravi is now an actor, who happens to have debuted in the same film as Zara. Watch to know more.
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Directed by - Anant Mahadevan
Produced by - Vipin Reshammiya,Rakesh Upadhyay
Written by - Himesh Reshammiya
Screenplay by Himesh Reshammiya,Jainesh Ejradar
Release - 16 May 2014
Duration - 1:53:06
Starring - Himesh Reshammiya,Zoya Afroz,Sonali Raut & Yo Yo Honey Singh
Music by - Himesh Reshammiya
Production - HR Musik Limited
Language - Hindi

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