Ep 09 | Hollywood Movies which USED Bollywood Songs | Shocking Bonus Section! GAME OF THRONES RIPPOF Published: 8 months ago By: BapaoGiri

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■ This Episode is specially focusing on the bollywood songs which were used in Hollywood/Western movies as intros or background music or dance numbers.
They're used in their movies with proper permission of course, except our bonus ducks section :) where our bollywood movies ripped of american tv series theme songs or music! :)

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■Game Of Thrones - Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo
●Pratik Dudhat
●Tanvi Purohit

■Pardesi Pardesi Jana Nahi - Expendables 2

■Wajah Tum Ho - Flash
●Ritik Thakkar

■Movies In This Episode:
➢ The Dictator - Mundeya tu bachke rahi
➢ Deadpool - mera joota hai japani
➢ Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind - Mera Man Tera Pyaasa - Waada Na Tod
➢ Expendables 2 - Pardesi Pardesi Jaana Nahi
➢ Ghostworld - Jaan Pehchaan Ho
➢ Inside Man - Chal Chhaiya Chhaiya (Dil se)
➢ Accidental Husband - Chhalka Chhalka Re/ Yaaro Yaarodi
➢ Lord Of War - Bombay Theme
➢ The Guru - Chori Chori Hum Gori Se Pyaar Karenge - Kya Milgaya
➢ Moulin Rouge - Chhama Chhama
➢ Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo - Game Of Thrones Theme Song
➢ Wajah Tum Ho - Flash Theme Song

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➢ https://youtu.be/dNy6KNNWJWA
➢ https://youtu.be/8GfgswC80dQ
➢ https://youtu.be/tDzkwtUu208
➢ https://youtu.be/AInDN6L09mo
➢ https://youtu.be/UIvKV5OHPfk
➢ https://youtu.be/oN42dFxV6vw

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