Imran Khan's wife Reham Khan before marraige Published: 3 years ago By: S.I.M

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Imran Khan has tied the knot with anchorperson Reham Khan and while the news of his marriage has been well received, the cricketer turned politician’s sisters are not happy.

According to family sources, Imran’s sisters were not happy as news pertaining to his marriage started circulating and did not even attend the nikkah ceremony held at the PTI chairman’s Bani Gala residence on Thursday.

Imran Khan’s sisters were in Lahore at the time of the nikkah. Aleema Khan told Geo News that they had learnt of his wedding from television. “We were neither aware nor informed of the nikkah prior to this,” she said.

Aleema Khan further said that no member of the family had attended the nikkah. Imran Khan’s elder sister Rubina is also visiting Lahore from the US and staying with Aleema Khan.

Family sources have also informed Geo News that Imran will travel to Lahore to reconcile with his sisters.

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